International SEO: best practices and site architecture to follow in 2021

International SEO is all about optimizing or organizing your website content and site architecture. If you are looking for a way to expand your business in different countries. Then international SEO can be a good starting point. As it helps search engines identify the language and region of your buyers. And can help your business target a particular location. More and more companies are reaching out for international SEO and making their customer base globally.

Your website needs to be highly suitable for the region you want to rank in. And for that, you need a full-fledged SEO strategy that will help you compete in the market.

Best practices for international SEO

Before you start with the process, you need to evaluate your business potential in the targeted countries. You should find out how your website is currently ranking in those countries and which keywords are bringing in the traffic on your website.
It is necessary to understand where you stand in the market and how much effort is needed to compete with your rivals.


URL for international site architecture

Using the same website for every region you want to target, may not deliver the desired result. You need a specific URL structure to target a particular region. This includes using a subdomain, a subdirectory, ccTLDs, or using a different domain name to adhere your website to local relevances with URL structures.

Tailor information according to their language and culture

The best way to target different regions is to translate your website and keywords into their local language. By using local languages along with different time zones you are sending customers a strong signal that they are at the right place. Always keep cultural differences in mind while creating content. As different regions look at content, layout, and humour in different ways.

User experience

The common misconception about SEO is people think that it revolves only around link building and delivering relevant content. These are the two most important aspects of SEO. But recent studies also consider user experience as one of the major criteria to show how well a website will rank in other regions. Ensure that the site is adequately formatted in terms of time zone, currencies, addresses, and phone numbers. Always opt for designs and layouts which are preferred by the customers globally.

Final words

International SEO can change the game for your business and can help your business to reach many different regions and countries. It provides your business with an opportunity to expand its customer base globally. All the efforts that make an international SEO campaign successful are similar to any local SEO campaign. The major difference is how it is tailored to suit the local audience. Opt for an effective strategy and use it as a foundation to grow your business globally. Always remember to format your website according to the needs of the different regions to yield better results.

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