Reasons Not To Use Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO services that promise to bring you on the first page of search results may seem like the perfect option, but it can be a trick in disguise. Since there are many factors at play when it comes to SEO, you should not believe when an agency promises you guaranteed SEO services. If you are new to this, and wondering why you can’t trust guaranteed SEO services, we have talked about them below. 

What Exactly Are Guaranteed SEO Services? 

Guaranteed SEO services promise to rank certain keywords on the first page of the search results. Agencies that offer guaranteed services either have money-back guarantees or an offer to work for free if the goal is not achieved in a limited time. However, since SEO is a complex and ongoing process, these promises are uncontrollable. The agency offering guaranteed SEO services may use unethical means to achieve this goal. This is why you must be aware of guaranteed SEO services before you invest your money in them and put your business at stake. 

Why Should You Avoid Using Them? 

It may seem tempting to work with an agency that is promising guaranteed results. But if you don’t choose correctly, it may harm your business in the long run. Listed below are some of the top reasons why you should not opt for guaranteed SEO services. 

Even Search Engines Warn About Using Them

The most used search engine in the world, Google has stated that your partnered SEO agency must give you realistic measures instead of promising something unachievable. The agency must estimate the work correctly and share a realistic graph of improvement. Thus, you should stay away from agencies that are offering the best results in a short time. 

These Services Guarantee Something Uncontrollable

Search engines are not controlled by any particular SEO agency. Hence, making promises about getting you on the first page is a clear indication of using fraudulent activities. The ranking algorithms are very dynamic, and even the employees are not aware of these changes. Thus, an agency promising to bring you on the first page using SEO best practices is baseless. Your agency can only help you improve your visibility and rankings over an extended period of time. Anything beyond this is a fake promise, and you must stay alert if an agency is promising to bring your website on the first page within a few months. 

They Might Use Black Hat SEO

Agencies offering such promises may use fraudulent and illegitimate ways to improve your rankings. These activities are not only wrong but they are banned from search engines. Although, these tricks may work for a small time and get you on the first page too, if caught, it can lead to penalties and hurt the organic growth of your website. 

Final Words 

Guaranteed SEO services are a hoax, and you should stay away from them if you wish to run your business for a long time. Any good agency will promise you realistic results, and help you grow your reach using organic measures. Make sure to look for an authentic and original SEO agency that can show you results in the long term. 

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