What is Google Word Coach? , a Fun Word Game in the Google Search Results.

Want to strengthen your English Language? Google word coach is there for you to learn a new word each day. It’s just a playful way to improve your vocabulary.

What is Google Word Coach?

Google Work Coach Game

Google Word Coach is a game wherein you will get two options and you have to choose the right one. This game was introduced by Google in February 2018 for non-English speaking countries.

Google always tries to launch something new for users. So, Google launched this google word coach for learners. This will appear right below the Dictionary and language Translate Boxes of Google or when someone searches for google word coach. This helps learners to enhance their vocabulary and expand their English language in a fun way.

Why Google Word Coach was launched?

This game was basically introduced for Non-English Speaking countries. They often search for the definition and meaning of English words, so Google made it easy for them to explore their vocabulary by launching this amazing quiz game.

How to open Google word Coach?

Google Word Coach

You can find it when you type google word coach in your google search. You can even play this game on your mobile phone, tablet. All you need to do is to search for goggle word coach in your browser or just search for any English word, a little box will appear where you will be given the question with two options. And here you have it, so just enjoy your learning and playful quiz game.

How to play the Google Word Coach game?

Google Word Coach Game

  • After opening Google word coach, few questions will be asked on the screen.
  • There will be two options for each question and you have to choose the right one.
  • If your answer is correct, then you will see the green color mark and your score will increase.
  • If your answer is incorrect, then you will see the red color mark but your score won’t decrease.
  • If you don’t know the answer to any question, you can simply skip that question.
  • As you pass each level, the level keeps going harder than before. Initially, a very easy question is asked but after a few questions level keeps upgrading.
  • At every level, there are only five questions and at the end, you will get your scorecard.
  • The good part of the google word coach is that there are explanations for every single question. Just tap on the explanation and you have it.
  • You can play this as many times as you want.
  • There’s no way to store the score. When you sign in to google your score will be saved for a very short time.
  • One more feature is that you can share your score with your friends.

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